Default Date Settings

The default setting for dates (in both cell and in headers and footers) is a format that drops the zeros and gives the shortest date possible.

For example, if you type in the date 06/05/2000 and press enter you will likely get 6/5/00. This is frustrating when dealing with cells because you have to manually change the format to the one you were looking for.

With headers and footers it is more than frustrating because there does not appear to be any option for changing the date format if you use the &[Date] function. You can look through the Excel program until you are blue in the face and you will not find a place to change the default setting for dates. That’s because Excel uses the Windows default setting as its default setting.

To change the Windows default setting for date formats you need to select Settings – Control Panel – Regional Settings from the Start Menu. Under the date tab enter in the date format desired for the long and short date formats.

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