Sample Data for Subtotal in Excel 2007

When you have a massive amount of data, you can let excel calculate the subtotals in your worksheets. All you need to do is group the data by the items to be subtotaled and then tell excel to outline.

This will classify and prioritize your data, and will work out the subtotals for you. You will have to sort the data before you can tell excel to create the subtotals.

In order to create the subtotals, first you will need to select and sort the data by the columns for which you wish to create the subtotals. Then go into the data tab and click on the subtotal button in order to display a dialog box. In this dialog box select the column you wish to be subtotaled and then select the function with which will be used to calculate the subtotal.

When you have finished doing this, you will need to select the column or columns that you want the results to be displayed. Then select any other specific criteria or options that you want, before clicking on OK. Finally, simply review your result, hiding or display and of the finer details.

If you want to remove all of the subtotals, you will need to select the cells with the data and the subtotals and then click the subtotal button within the data tab. When you have done this, go into the subtotal dialog box and click on the remove all button to remove all of the subtotals from the spreadsheet.

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